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Tamba Roy


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I was born in South London. My Mum was English and my Dad Jamaican



My life in education has included primary teacher,




Headteacher (twice), and University Lecturer. I really enjoyed it all, but my work as a consultant has been specially rewarding as I have the opportunity to visit so many schools and communities.


Both as a University Lecturer and a Headteacher, I became fascinated about the way our thoughts impact upon feelings and behaviours. I went on to research some of the latest neuroscience and became a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in 2008.





I now work as an Education Consultant delivering keynotes and leading training events and workshops around the country. I love my work as I get to learn from, and to share insights with, thousands of children, parents, carers, and school staff. A real privilege!

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My books that support emotional wellbeing and success


Success in Schools - A practical handbook of tools for teachers and parents to use with children  (Supporting children)


A Gift for Anansi - A Caribbean folk tale that supports wellbeing (Supporting children)


Success in Focus - Practical tools to support your success today and tomorrow (Supporting adults)


Success Inside - A booklet of scripts and activities that support emotional wellbeing (Supporting adults) 

Front Cover Success in Schools Success in Focus Success Inside A Gift for Anansi Cover